How to free yourself from watching your frac job

July 15, 2019

Completions Engineers are busy people. Whether they’re working in a van in the field managing a frac job or sitting in an office at headquarters, the modern Engineer is faced with a growing stream of responsibilities vying for their attention. With this ever-increasing responsibility comes the increased risk of something being missed. Whether it’s a frac hit, an under-stimulated stage, or a screen-out, the cost of missing a valuable piece of information is growing.

Numerous companies strive to aggregate the mass of information available, with the goal of surfacing content that is most valuable to you. News feeds show information about your hometown, your favorite athlete, or stories that are like those that you’ve read before. Shopping data aggregation delivers coupons for products that you’re likely to be interested in. And your music listening habits get rolled into the decision Spotify makes about which track to play for you next.

The problem with PDFs and spreadsheets

In the world of frac data, aggregation has historically occurred at the same time as reporting. This leads to data loss and frustration: Engineers would receive static PDF documents or cumbersome spreadsheets. These are functionally useless for lookbacks or in-depth studies. Rather than focusing on useful data, aggregated reports tend to deliver data that is merely consistent.

Enter the Well Data Labs Real-Time Frac solution. In just a few moments, an engineer can configure an alert to trigger in real-time and deliver via SMS, e-mail, or on-screen notifications. With just a few clicks a user can choose their preferred data channel, threshold, and delivery method and will be notified within moments of an issue arising, rather than hours later when the opportunity to make a meaningful decision has passed.

Real-Time Frac from Well Data Labs can unlock the potential of your engineering teams to innovatively tackle your unique challenges. Coupled with our Completions data platform, Well Data Labs Real-Time is a whole new way of interacting with frac data that will play a critical role in driving productivity like never before. Ultimately, Well Data Labs Real-Time gives our customers a competitive advantage by enabling optimization and innovation at a speed and scale never before possible.

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