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Structured Frac Database

All units, all trade names, from all vendors. Standardized, reportable, and exportable frac data lives in Well Data Labs.

Completion Design Analysis

Fluid, chemical, and proppant design strategies can change. Well Data Labs provides the perfect platform to analyze those choices.

Interactive Stage Monitoring

No need to text pictures back to the home office. Login and view near real-time 1-second data to make your decisions.

Data Science Ready

Machine learning and data science projects need to be fed with quality data. Integrate yours using Well Data Labs.

Asset-level Trend Spotting

Understand the unique asset-level implications of your completions design decisions. Monitor your frac stat trends like Pump Time, Breakdown, Frac Gradient, and ISIP at the asset level.

Frac Data Everywhere

Well Data Labs enables modern software integrations with our RESTful API. Connect frac data directly to Spotfire, Wellview, or any internal dashboard you can imagine.

Not all heroes wear capes

Well Data Labs users are hiding in plain clothes at companies like:

Utilizes your 1-second frac van data files!

Well Data Labs can make your frac analysis faster and easier than ever before.

Timely Access

Let our service company partners directly upload that frac van 1-second file into our cloud-based application post-stage and you’ll be graphing and reporting the data in minutes not hours.

Quick Analysis

Your time is limited, with Well Data Labs you’ll be able to visually identify issues and lessons learned from your data using our modern graphing and visual analytics.

Detailed Reporting

Your post job treatment report is now usable. Easily dig deeper into the data by utilizing our interactive summary reports and multi-job comparison tools. Then connect that data directly to other industry-leading applications.

Real-time support by on-staff petroleum engineers

We have the best real person support and knowledge base in the industry. Find what you need right in the application and if you don’t, we promise to answer your email fast! Don’t believe us? Try it free by emailing or calling 720.662.7771

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