Beautiful data in minutes, not hours


Leave no stage behind with an instant completions database

Your data is too important to live in spreadsheets. Give it a better home.

Support for all service company data types

Every frac crew produces data differently. Well Data Labs creates a single data standard that pulls it all together.

Chemical naming aligned with regulatory rules

Chemicals and fluids named and structured in a way that meets industry regulatory expectations.

Easily transferable; never locked

Legacy databases struggle to move, but Well Data Labs’ structured completions database can be transferred to a new team or new owner with the click of a button.

Near real-time frac monitoring

Even frac superheroes can’t be in the field 24/7.

Post-stage data availability

Data is loaded in the van post stage and can be used for analysis immediately, wherever you are.

Interactive treatment plots

All Well Data Labs treatment plots are interactive. Change colors, control your axes, and annotate your plots to create something more powerful than a static image.

Trouble stage review

Need to review a specific stage with an onsite consultant and an offsite ops manager? No need to send a text message – everyone can log in to Well Data Labs and review high-frequency data straight from the pumps and blenders.

Data-powered decision making

Quick lookbacks and job comparisons without freezing your machine.

Lookback analysis simplified

Comparing multiple frac jobs and stages with each other has never been easier. Simply select the comparison criteria and we’ll do the rest.

Modern software for modern well design

Chemical and proppant design strategies are constantly evolving. Well Data Labs gives you a chance to quickly analyze design decisions against prior jobs.

Take an asset level view

Data captured with Well Data Labs helps you to understand your overall completions strategy evolution. See how stage and job totals trend over time in specific areas of operation.

Your data belongs to you

And to your Geoscience team. And, to your IT team. Maybe even that data scientist you hired last week.

Modern software integrations

Export your data easily, in any format you need. Or connect your trusted completions data directly to other systems using the Well Data Labs API.

Well Data Labs in Spotfire®

Export your data from Well Data Labs natively to build your own visuals and experience the power of live frac data in your Spotfire dashboard. 

Machine learning is here

Get ahead of the curve by preparing for machine learning initiatives today. Your frac data is valuable to your whole company.

Industry standard data security

All Well Data Labs accounts adhere to industry best practices in security using SSL encrypted connections by default. The same security used by your online bank. Sensitive information is never sent or received in plain-text.

Ready to get started?

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