Everything you ever wanted to know about Well Data Labs... well almost.


What is Well Data Labs Completions?

The Well Data Labs Completions platform is a modern web application built to manage, analyze, and report Frac Data. We’ve worked side-by-side with Completions Engineers and other industry experts to make a tool that gives you what you need to know quickly and efficiently. Check out this 2-minute video to see how it works.

Where can I access my data from?

Anywhere you have an internet connection and a web browser! Well Data Labs is optimized for usability, speed, and efficiency so you can access your data even when you aren’t at your desk or in the office.

What’s contained in a job?

Your job file has all the information you need to get quick analysis on your completions specific data. The Well Data Labs Job Header has the identifying information for your well and you can then import 1-second frac van data, WITSML files, and other relevant files to your job.

What kind of files can I upload to a job?

You can upload the raw files straight from the frac van, WITSML standard files, and even other informational files that you need attached to your data analysis. Microsoft Office files, PDF documents, Image files – whatever you need – can all be stored in Well Data Labs. So your job file now becomes a complete data portal for your well’s completion data.

Can I pull production data into Well Data Labs?

Well Data Labs is currently built specifically to manage your completions data. You can store any well files within Well Data Labs, but we find that engineers typically use the application to organize and standardize completions data before comparing it to production data in systems like Spotfire. Have more questions about industry best practices in this area? Give us a call!

Can I add additional users to my Well Data Labs account?

Yes! Well Data Labs does not restrict accounts to a certain amount of users. Share your data across your organization and with partners without needing to purchase additional licenses.

How do I get my data into my other applications?

Your data belongs to you. Well Data Labs smoothly exports report data in formats compatible with other leading industry applications such as Excel, Spotfire, and WITSML. Look under the 3 Bar button in the top right of Well Data Labs’ reporting pages for the Export features. And from the Job View page, you can download the raw files that have been uploaded to the job, so everyone in your organization can have access to the data when they need it.

How do I give additional users access to my data?

Well Data Labs includes a robust user management interface, so your administrators can add users at different access levels. Set your service company contact to only be able to view jobs they have worked on, and set up data access for a strategic partner to work on a subset of an asset group.

Is my data safe and secure?

All Well Data Labs accounts adhere to industry best practices in security using SSL encrypted connections by default. The same security used by your online bank. Sensitive information is never sent or received in plain-text.

How can I request a new feature?

Our support team is always available to help answer your questions, and we’d love to hear ideas that help grow Well Data Labs into a more effective product for you and your organization. We are constantly working on and testing Well Data Labs to make it the right solution for handling your completions data. Just send us an email at support@welldatalabs.com or call at 720.662.7771.

What is WITSML?

WITSML (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language) is an agreed upon set of subsurface data standards and communication protocols developed by the non-profit organization, Energistics. WITSML provides a vendor-neutral data standard that promotes data transfer between operators, service companies, and software applications in the management of subsurface data.