Real-Time Frac Data

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View real-time, high-frequency frac data from anywhere with Real-Time Frac®

It’s watching Frac TV

E&P companies are uploading hundreds of wells and thousands of stages of 1-second frac data a month through Well Data Labs. Now with Well Data Labs Real-Time Frac, you can watch all of this data stream in real-time.

Our web-based tool enables reliable streaming which means everyone is looking at the same data at the same time – no matter where they are located or which service company they are using.

Manage by exception in real-time

Alerts keep you aware of issues from anywhere

Viewing data in real-time improves operational efficiency and helps drive better outcomes. With instant alerts and notifications, you can identify and address exceptions as they happen so they can be managed quickly and effectively without holding up your completions operations.

Real-time data feeds your data science

Data in a consistent format for proprietary models

By consuming and integrating third-party APIs into a single data stream, frac data can be accessed and processed faster so you can extract value immediately. Switch frac companies or data acquisition systems as often as you like, Well Data Labs will ensure you still have one clean stream of data in the format you need.

Well Data Labs makes your frac data useful
– now in real-time.

If you’d like to learn how Well Data Labs Real-Time Frac platform can transform your completions program, just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!