Modern frac reports in minutes, not hours


Well Data Labs is a modern web application that helps Field Service Companies become better at collecting, analyzing and reporting high-frequency frac data for their E&P customers.

Since mid-2015, pressure pumping companies have loaded more than 500,000 stages of 1-second frac data into the Well Data Labs accounts of E&Ps across North America. By layering engineering intelligence over raw data, the Well Data Labs application allows Field Service Companies to reduce manual data entry and more seamlessly deliver quality frac data reports to their customers in formats compatible with other leading industry applications.

Data Portal

Instantly deliver data to your customers in a modern differentiated way

Easy Exports

Capture data one way and export summary reports to Excel, WITSML, WellView, and Spotfire

Detailed Reporting

Easily share interactive frac reports in near-real time with your customers

Frac Database

Lookback and compare multiple frac jobs using your own interactive frac database

Instead of struggling with email and trading thumb drives to deliver large frac data files to your customers, Well Data Labs gives you a purpose-built portal designed to meet the data and analysis needs of E&Ps. Better yet, easily answer questions like: How do we quickly create a custom excel sheet for our customer? What do you mean the WITSML file is wrong, what’s WITSML for anyway?

Well Data Labs answers these questions for you by putting the data at your customer’s fingertips, letting you get on with pumping a safe and effective job.