Connect the Well Data Labs API and Spotfire using TERR

January 4, 2018

Guest Post by Julie Schellberg with Big Mountain Analytics

Just before the Holidays, I released a Spotfire template on built in collaboration with Well Data Labs, creators of a modern web application built to manage, analyze, and report completions data.  Well Data Labs believes their customers and partners should be able to easily integrate data between applications using RESTful APIs, allowing custom analysis without the level of friction seen in many oil field analysis projects.


The first version of the Well Data Labs API was released in early 2017, and appears to be catching on quickly as the industry begins to value flexible frac data integrations.  To showcase what’s possible with RESTful APIs and Spotfire we collaborated on a template that offers “out of the box” connectivity for our common customers.


The template accesses the Well Data Labs API via a TERR data function and delivers a client’s data to them via Spotfire in a seamless and integrated way.  The data function returns two tables of data – a header table and a job summary table.  The header table lists all wells or jobs for a client, and the job summary table will have the detailed information on each individual completion job.


I had to overcome two big challenges to produce a good template. First, clients will capture different information, so the design had to be flexible and not break if the columns change.  Second, clients will use the template differently, so building a single, all-encompassing workflow is challenging. As a result, the template was built with property controls for flexibility.  The TERR code also looks at the column meta data provided by the API and reacts accordingly.  Lastly, the template content was based on the idea that users will want to develop an understanding of their data and condition it before putting it in predictive models.


Well Data Labs is committed to maintaining and improving the API, and I am committed to maintaining and improving the template.  Well Data Labs has a number of customer driven API improvements in the works and we’re already discussing version two of the template that will incorporate these and other improvements.  We would like the template to support analyzing more than one job at a time, utilize maps with data on multiple jobs, and potentially have the capability of writing data to MS Access or another database.


If you are a Well Data Labs customer you can purchase the Spotfire template here on and if you’re not yet using Well Data Labs go here to request a demo.  We love hearing feedback from users and customers, so once you’re up and running with the template be sure to let us know how we can improve it.