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A modern way to manage, analyze & report frac data

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All the features you need to get the job done

We worked side-by-side with industry experts to build a tool with all the bells and whistles.

Intuitive user interface

Well Data Labs allows you to do more with less complexity. We specifically designed our application for modern software usability, speed and efficiency.

Import 1-second Data

Well Data Labs takes your 1-second frac van data files from painfully unusable to beautiful in seconds.

Modern Graphing

Visually drill down to analyze your completion data by time and channel easier and faster than ever before with intuitive filtering, and easy completion stage selection.


Interactive Reports

Well Data Labs allows you to view interactive post job reports making it easier to dig into your completions data.

Export your Data

Your data belongs to you. Smoothly export report data in formats compatible with other leading industry applications.

Data Security

All Well Data Labs accounts use SSL encrypted connections by default. The same security used by your online bank. Sensitive information is never sent or received in plain-text.

Utilizes your 1-second frac van data files

Well Data Labs can make your frac analysis faster and easier than ever before.

Timely access

Simply upload that frac van 1-second file you struggle with in Excel and with Well Data Labs you’ll be graphing and reporting the data in minutes not hours.

Quick Analysis

Your time is limited, with Well Data Labs you’ll be able to visually identify issues and lessons learned from your data using our modern graphing.

Detailed Reporting

Your post treatment report is now useable, easily dig deeper into detailed stage data using our interactive summary reports.

Accessible any time, anywhere

The Well Data Labs frac database can be accessed throughout your organization using only a web browser.

Fast Insights

Well Data Labs allows you to analyze 100% of frac van data not just the data manually captured.

Lookback Analysis

Comparing multiple completion jobs has never been easier. Simply select the jobs or stages and we’ll do the rest.

Easy Exports

Our goal is to help you get your frac data wherever you want it. We export to formats compatible with other leading industry applications including Excel, Spotfire & WITSML.

Let us prove the value. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.