Efficient and repeatable drilling operations

Drill your best well again and again

Optimize your workflow with a new approach to drilling data

Uncovering and tracking inefficiencies are the first steps to understanding where your drilling operations stand and how they trend over time. Our drilling data platform and machine learning capabilities allow you to benchmark your best performances, create custom models and alerts, and provide deep analytics for your drilling operations.

Efficiency Trends

From analyzing non-productive time to comparing and understanding the parameters of your best well, we can help you improve performance-based metrics, like:

Comparing multiple wells to improve drilling plans

Optimizing on-bottom and off-bottom efficiency metrics

Identifying current operational parameters affecting performance

Actionable Alerts

Drilling events can happen subtly and suddenly. Leveraging our machine learning expertise, we can create custom alerts to notify you in a variety of situations, such as:

Identifying trends that may indicate potential failures

Time and depth alerts compared to offset wells

Detecting outliers for targeted operational parameters

Diagnostic Studies

Drill the best quality wellbore for the lowest cost. We can partner with you to dig into your data to conduct studies and root cause analysis to help you understand:

Bottom-hole assembly selection, utilization, and optimization

Drilling roadmaps and well design for sustainable drilling performance

Mechanical specific energy (MSE) vs. rate of penetration (ROP)


Machine learning helps right-size well designs

The holy grail for every drilling engineer is to deliver the best quality wellbore at the lowest cost. Improving well design and efficiency are two major factors toward that goal. Getting those right and repeating them on future wells can ensure a sustainable and efficient drilling program. Our drilling data platform and machine learning provide operators with actionable insights to help them optimize drilling plans and improve operational efficiencies.
Drilling dashboard with ROP (rate of penetration) graphs

Well Data Labs Drilling Platform

Well Data Labs provides operators a new, more agile, and cost-efficient drilling data solution than any option available today. Using seamless data integration to Power BI, Spotfire, and other visualization tools coupled with our machine learning, operators can gain insights faster, avoid non-productive time (NPT), and drill better wells faster.

Well Data Labs Drilling delivers the insights you want with the flexibility you need to move swiftly and control costs.

  • All drilling data in one location
  • Same-day implementation
  • Seamless integration to platforms you own

Drill your best well again and again. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.