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Hello. We are Well Data Labs

We use upstream experience and agile software development to solve completions data problems.

Well Data Labs is revolutionizing completions data management with modern software designed for usability, speed and efficiency.

Well Data Labs was founded in June 2014 with a focus on solving the problems the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry has with managing, analyzing, and reporting completions data. In an industry where downhole innovation occurs constantly, data collection and analysis is often far behind. We help you get back on the curve.

We are a team of industry and technology experts who are focused on solving completions data problems by working with Operators and Service Companies to develop solutions that engineers actually want. Leave the days of redundant manual data entry behind and start finding new patterns in the data you already own. We believe well data should be at the user’s fingertips and easily integrated or exported to other leading industry applications for real analysis and decision making, not just for pretty graphs. (Though we do love beautiful graphs).

We are focused on bringing modern software design and usability to the oilfield. Please contact us to learn more about our solutions and request a demo.

Meet our awesome team

Petro nerds, developers, gamers and beer lovers.

Joshua Churlik

Rudy Lacovara

Tim Buttrill
Business Development

Josh Merritt
Product/Support Manager

Esther Robledano
Software Developer

Matt Brown

Matt Brown
Software Developer

Jessica Iriarte - Petroleum Engineer

Jessica Iriarte
Petroleum Engineer

Kelsey Pate - Sales

Kelsey Pate

Jodi Martinez

Jodi Martinez
Implementation Engineer

Michael Raubach

Claudia Schonebaum
Product/Support Analyst

Travis Huggins
Software Developer

Lisa Herman
Director of Operations & Finance

We are always on the hunt for top talent to join our team

We exist to serve our community of customers, business partners, and employees and are always excited to meet new people who share our passion for building products that solve big problems. Send us a note and say hello. Email careers@welldatalabs.com